Fashion trends are often “recycled” over the years, putting a spin on old fashion choices and turning them into styles of which your mother would approve. From the bohemian styles of the ’60s and ’70s, to the rock styles of the 80s, and the grunge taste of the 90s, 2019 kicks it back to these iconic decades, creating timeless pieces that anyone can appreciate.

#1 Mom Jeans

Visit your local farmer’s market or walk around your local mall, and you will observe the revival of the “mom jeans.” These jeans don high waists and loose legs for a comfortable, relaxed look that you can pair with a t-shirt to wear around the house or dress it up with a frilly top for a date night. These jeans make you want to go sit in a field with flowers in your hair and a guitar in your hands.

Styleyes Fashion Crate Fashion Trends Mom Jeans

#2 Scrunchies

The classic hair accessory, which held the hair of the roller skaters and dancers in the 1980s, is back! What was once seen as an unstylish, practical hair tie is hitting the heads of 2019 fashion junkies everywhere. From top knots to simple ponytails, scrunchies help you add personality and a pop of childlike color to your wardrobe.

#3 Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks, the chic and minimalist clothing style, started to make its name around the mid-century. The trend made a deep dive to extinction after the 1990s but has recently regained respect in the fashion world. You can find turtlenecks in all forms, like on maxi dresses, sweaters, crop tops, and short-sleeved blouses.

#4 Jumpsuits

Feminine in form yet masculine in features and reminiscent of World War II fighter pilot get-up, jumpsuits are a bit of a fashion statement – and increasingly so for the modern-day businesswoman. Jumpsuits aren’t only flattering to many body types, but they also take the stress out of choosing an entire outfit. If you are working at the office, single color jumpsuits are a superb choice to keep your fashion choices bold yet practical. Pair with heels at night, or choose more flamboyant material patterns, for a classy date night look.

#5 Platform Sandals

The platform shoe appeared in the 1970s as a form of disco dance shoes, as well as in the 1990s as a fashion statement shoe choice. Now, in 2019 you can find platform shoes in a variety of different styles, such as high heels, boots, and even sandals.

Styleyes Fashion Crate Fashion Trends Platform Sandals

#6 Wrap Coats

Wrap coats stand as a timeless piece of fashion, revamped in 2019. Actresses from the 1950s, such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, kissed men and walked the busy streets Los Angeles and New York City in these coats. Now you can see the likes of Meghan Markle or Blake Lively donning these classy coats. Wear them over casual wear, or over your party dress to keep the rain off you. Button up, leave unbuttoned, or simple tie around your waist to flatter your figure.

#7 Crop Tops

Controversial or not, the crop top has returned in full force. Crop tops made their debut in the grunge era of the 1990s when celebrities like Gwen Stefani and the Spice Girls danced around the stage singing, “Hollaback Girl,” and “Wannabe.” The midriff exposure is growing in popularity, especially among the skate and surf cultures of the West and East coasts.

#8 Tiny Sunglasses

Fashion trends show that eyewear is in – or back in – in the form of tiny sunglasses. This trend, growing traction in the 1990s, sputtered to a stop and then took off again this year. Kylie Jenner, the Hadid sisters, and other fashion icons frequently show up to the red carpet, tiny sunglasses hanging from the tips of their noses.

#9 Puffed Sleeves

Pirate? Hippie? Princess? While the puffed sleeve style goes by many names, they hit the 2019 fashion world with audacious intentions. From single blouses to dresses and sweaters, puffed sleeves add drama and playfulness. Only the most daring wear them since people often notice you from way far away.

Styleyes Fashion Crate Fashion Trends Puffed Sleeves

#10 High Cut Swimming Suits

With strong 1980’s Baywatch vibes, high cut swimsuits grace beaches and social media platforms everywhere. These swimsuits tend to compliment the woman by accentuating their curves and exposing more skin for better tanning options.

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