Clothing Brands

I have worked diligently to choose clothing designers and brands that are most suitable for working women on the move.  Classic styles have been chosen that won’t be off trend in a year.  Quality fabrics have been chosen that will help you look as good at the end of the day, as you did at the beginning.

Alison Sheri

Known for their luxurious knitwear, the Alison Sheri brand wanted to create something that a person could love and cherish for years to come and not be called “dated”. They knew you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style points or a proper fit to be on trend.


Born in 2007,  Apricot aims to produce beautiful clothing collections appealing to both mother and daughter.

Apricot has become well known for its signature prints and is constantly looking to find new, innovative and easy-to-wear prints from all over the world. They pride themselves on delivering high quality clothing at an affordable price.




Nearly 40 years ago, the Foxcroft story began with a single style: the iconic button-down shirt, impeccably tailored to meet a woman’s need for flawless fashion with easy-care functionality. Their signature apparel continues to represent an investment in feeling and looking your best, every time.  They create beautiful fashion that lasts for years


At GARCIA they think it’s important, as a woman, to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear every day. Whether it’s clothing for a busy day with the children, a working day at the office or a leisure outfit for a day out; they offer a wide selection of women’s clothing according to the latest fashion trends!


For over 40 years Picadilly has been creating women’s clothing in Ontario, Canada. Picadilly creates and blends classic silhouettes and unique pieces that are timeless, ageless, and seasonless.
Picadilly’s clothes are designed with the modern woman in mind.  Focusing on rich vivid colors and textures, with a mix of fabrics and novelty treatments. Easy to wear, yet still fashionable.

Lily Moss

Lily Moss believes in elegance in simple design.

Their blouses are designed for the modern woman that works in the office, after hours, and for weekend fun.

They love variety, but nothing beats a good classic fabric. They focus on the quality that comes from well researched sourcing to make sure your blouses are high quality and easy care.