Hi!  I’m Nancy 

After living a fast-paced executive lifestyle and traveling across North America, I decided to create a service to help busy working women find more time for themselves.

You can learn more about my style from a recent WhoWhatWear feature in the Hamilton Spectator.


Nancy standing in front of a wall of photos

Feeling confident in the workplace

I worked in the corporate world for most of my working life, and always felt that when I was wearing a well put-together outfit my confidence grew. I believe feeling confident in yourself really translates to every part of your working life; whether it’s leading a meeting, giving a presentation or networking with clients, you want to feel your best. While stylish outfits helped boost my confidence, it was difficult finding the time, and sometimes the engery needed to shop and coordinate an outfit in the spare few minutes I had in my day.

When days are long, quality is key

You’re probably in an outfit for at least 10 hours, and you still need to feel fresh for that 4pm meeting or networking dinner. I am dedicated to finding high quality, timeless pieces that still look fresh at the end of the day and can easily transition from office to after-hours.  If your job also requires travel – whether by car, train or plane – you are adding another level of complexity. You need to be able to go from a plane to a meeting without wrinkles. Type and quality of fabric become essential.  It was imperative for me to find classic clothing pieces that stand up to the rigour of your day.

A new way to shop and save valuable time.

I really struggled finding one place that I could go that could help with all of the above. This led me to spending countless hours on the internet and in stores, trying to put together outfits from all different sources. More often than not, that lead to a couple of items every season that sat unworn in my closet because they just didn’t work with any other clothes.  I found I always ended up wearing the same (great) outfit, over and over. One of the goals I’ve set for Styleyes Fashion Crate is to style crates that build upon each other, creating a great capsule wardrobe.

Quality and convenience.

By putting together styled outfits, my goal is to help working women have a wardrobe that you don’t have to think about — clothes that work together. The quality is high, the styles are classic and I even share styling tips.  I want to give you back that time you spend staring at your closet in the morning.