Quarterly Fashion Crate

CAD $30.00 on the 15th day of every 3rd month

Receive five to six items of co-ordinated clothing ; carefully curated for you by your stylist based on your profile · You only pay for what you keep · Your invoice will be included in your crate · Your quarterly subscription/styling fee will be reimbursed if you keep two or more clothing items · Try items on, review the Styling Tips and put any returns in the enclosed bag with prepaid postage · Keep all items and receive a 20% discount · Sizes range from XS-XXL & 4-18

Help us to get to know your style preferences by filling out the survey below before signing up.

Style Survey

Help us to get to know your style preferences before you sign up.

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  • $ 0.00 CAD
  • Your age will help to inform some of the styles chosen for you.
  • How tall are you?
  • What size of top do you wear?
  • What size of bottoms do you wear?
  • What shape best describes your body?
  • Understanding whether or not you have hot flashes will help to inform the types of tops and layering pieces chosen for you.
  • What is your eye colour?
  • What is your hair colour?
  • Where does your skin tone fall on the list below?

First payment: December 15, 2022

Your Styleyes Fashion Crate will contain a selection of coordinated, quality pieces that have been curated specially for you. Along with the clothes, you will receive an invoice listing each crate item as well as their cost. Try them on, feel them out and decide what you would like to keep for your professional wardrobe!

Our Intern Crate is designed for those who are just starting out and want a fun, professional wardrobe that is budget-friendly. Item prices range from $40-$80CAD. Jackets may be more. Taxes, shipping & handling extra.

Our Established Crate is designed for those who want a more tailored, classic look at a moderate price. Item prices range from $70-$120CAD. Jackets may be more.  Taxes, shipping & handling extra.

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Weight.4 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 8 cm


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